Martin Migeon is a French architect based in Paris and Charente-Maritime since 2020, doing both collaborative and individual works in the field of architecture, design and urbanism.
Educated at the EAVT Paris-Est and Accademia di Architettura Mendrisio, he graduated in 2014. He then collaborated with several architectural practices such as Caruso St John in London, Sauter von Moos in Basel, NP2F, Bruther and Barrault Pressacco in Paris, and Büro Krucker in Zurich.

In 2021, he undertook a research trip about local forms of architecture
in globalized cities (Middle-East & Western Africa).
Documents are gathered online here:

Martin Migeon Architecture

10 ter rue Bisson - 75020 Paris

8 chem. de chez Rullaud - 17120 Chenac


+336 44 79 31 79

ordre des architectes FR S23820


* collab. Anouk Migeon Architecte    * collab. V. Dumay    *** collab. Buero Krucker    ** collab. E. Beaumet, D. Chambrin, R. Hucliez

built project 2 : photography Gion von Albertini

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